Facts about desserts :In ancient Asian civilizations,people ate dried fruits ,honeycomb,or nuts for dessert.Sugar was so expensive ,so only the wealthy could indulge on it on special occasions.
Ice cream can be dated back to 3000BC and may be considered to be the “dessert” in the modern sense of the word.Ice cream was a Chinese invention,but it was Macro Polo who brought it for Europe.
Over time,ice cream went from being shaved ice with flavoring to the dairy based,sweet treat we know and love.

Pana Cota
panacota 19AED
fruits 28 AED
Creme Caramel
creme 15AED
Choco Fondue
pendue 38AED
Choco Tart
tart 11 AED
Choco Parfait
parfait 14 AED

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