Dim Sum

Literal translation is “Hearts Delight”.Often eaten after morning exercise.Dim Sum is also known as yum cha that means to drink tea.it is usually takenwhile drinking jasmine or green tea to burn away some fat from your meal.
Follow dining etiquette by making sure you pour tea for your fellow diners before you fill up your own cup.If a fellow tea dinker taps their two fingers on the table,this means they are showing appreciation for filling up their cup.

Spinach Dimsum
snipach 19 aed
Vermicelli Dimsum
verm 18 aed
Kow Chi Chiken Dimsum
kaw 22 aed
Pau BBQ Chiken Dimsum
bbq 24 aed
Fried Har Kow Dimsum
fried 21 aed
Crystal Dimsum
crys 23 aed
Shrimp Dimsum
shr 26 aed
Chicken Siew Mai
Chicken-Siew-Mai-AED-23 22 aed